Optional Tasks

Disability Services

Syracuse University values diversity and seeks to promote equal access to educational opportunities for all Syracuse University students. Incoming students who believe they have a current and essential need for disability related accommodations and resources, should  fill out the “Registration Form” found on our website http://disabilityservices.syr.edu/students/.

For more information about other resources provided, visit disabilityservices.syr.edu or email disabilityservices@syr.edu.

Purchase Textbooks

Rung up and ready to go! Ordering your textbooks online with the Bookstore is economical and convenient. You can rest easily knowing that you are going to get the right books in the format best for you and be ready the first day of classes. 


You can view your schedule on MySlice and then review the textbook information provided by your instructor on the Bookstore's textbook site

There is no New York State sales tax on textbooks required and recommended for courses. We accept Bookstore Charge, Bookstore gift cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for online purchases.  In addition the Bookstore accepts SUpercard PLUS, personal checks, and cash for in-store purchases.

For those who prefer to make their textbook purchases after they arrive on campus, our knowledgeable textbook staff will be available to assist students find their textbooks in our Schine Student Center Bookstore. Just be sure to have your class schedule and SU I.D. with you!

Learning Communities

If you have not already done so, you should check out the 25+ Learning Communities here at Syracuse University! Learning Communities allow you to live and learn with a group of students who share a common academic major or interest. By being an active participant, learning communities can help you to make friends fast, succeed academically, find faculty mentors, and build a professional network - and it's all at no cost to you. As they fill up quickly, the sooner you apply the better chances you have of getting in. For more infromation, go to the website: lc.syr.edu or email the Learning Communities office at: lcs@syr.edu

Football and Basketball Season Tickets


The Syracuse football and men's basketball teams will both open up their 2019 seasons against defending national champions! Students who are interested in season tickets should visit cuse.com/students. Upgrade to the Elite Student Pass and receive great additional benefits, win prizes with our rewards app, and much more!

All other sports are FREE admission for Syracuse University students.

Buying Computers and Software

The Syracuse University Bookstore is the site of 'CuseTech – your technology center on campus for education priced Apple and Dell technology, gaming systems, and computer accessories. 

The Bookstore has an array of computers in stock that are selected to meet or exceed the technical specifications of the University's schools and colleges.

Visit our website for special offers during the summer including computers, trade-in programs, and extended warranties covering accidental damage and liquid spills.


Rent a Microfridge

This all-in-one refrigerator, freezer, and microwave unit is approved by Syracuse University for use in residence halls and will help make your room feel a little more like home! Only $199.99 (plus 8% New York State sales tax) covers the entire school year, including free delivery to your residence hall room and pickup in the spring.

Order by August 1st to receive guaranteed delivery to your residence hall room before you move in and receive $20 off the annual rental!

Visit the Syracuse University Bookstore website to order. 

Banks and ATMs

For your convenience, you may wish to establish a personal bank account with a local bank prior to your arrival on campus. Information concerning types of accounts available, minimum deposits, and required identification to open the accounts is available from each bank. View the list of area banks and Bank and ATM Map, visit the Treasurer's Office website.

Note: local banks will not cash your personal checks unless you have an account with them. Therefore, you will want to plan ahead and establish an account to have access to funds via an ATM machine.

Veterans Educational Benefits

Whether you are a new first-year or transfer student, we hope you will visit the Office of Veteran Success at 700 University Ave (across from the Whitman School of Management) in room 215. For more information, visit the Office of Veteran Success website.

For inquires pertaining to your specific eligibility, contact the VA at 1-888-GIBILL1 (1-888-442-4551).

Parking Permits

First-Year Residential Students

First-Year students are not eligible for parking and must petition to request a permit. See the First-Year Parking Policy for more information.

First-Year Commuter Students

First-Year commuter students are eligible to purchase a campus parking permit starting on TBA. To purchase a permit, complete the Student Parking Permit Application and send the completed application to Parking and Transit Services.

New Transfer Students 

New transfer students are eligible to apply for a campus parking permit starting if you are at least sophomore status on TBA. To purchase your permit, log into your MySlice account and click on the Parking Services link. 

Questions? Contact Parking and Transit Services at parkmail@syr.edu or 315.443.4652.

Bookstore Charge Account

Matriculated Syracuse University students may open a Bookstore Charge account to pay for Bookstore purchases by completing and submitting a Retail Installment Agreement.

·         There is no late fee or annual fee.

·         There is no interest charged if the Bookstore Charge account balance is paid in full on or before the due date.

·         If you prefer to extend payments over time, an APR of 16% interest charge is applied.

·         Your SU I.D. card will be encoded for use as your Bookstore Charge card.

·         Bookstore Charge accounts are subject to a maximum credit limit of $2,000.

·         If you are under 21 years of age, a parent or guardian must cosign the agreement.

For complete terms and conditions, and to apply for a Bookstore Charge account, download the Retail Installment Agreement and mail it to the Bookstore before you arrive on campus. Agreements are also available at the Credit Department on the upper level of the Bookstore in the Schine Student Center.
We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, SUpercard PLUS, Bookstore gift cards, cash and personal checks for purchases.  

Cable TV and Landline Telephone Services

Digital HD cable TV service is provided in all SU residential facilities via Clear QAM compatible technology. You need to bring your own television and coaxial cable, and an Ethernet cable if your TV is network-enabled (it can’t be used on the wireless network). See your manufacturer’s instructions to check for Clear QAM compatibility. Landline phone service is available for your residence hall room at addi­tional cost. You must supply your own phone.

For more information on these services, visit the ITS Student Services website.