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Orange SUccess

Orange Success

The Orange SUccess advising system gives students an electronic tool to request advising or other support related to course selections, intra-University transfer, disability accommodations, and on-campus residence conflicts. The system gives undergraduate advisors and faculty a shared platform for monitoring student progress and success. Faculty can track attendance, for example, or flag a student for poor performance, as well as send kudos to students when they are doing well or making improvement. Once a concern is initiated, both the student and an advisor are notified by email and/or text.

The Orange SUccess initiative has established an Early Alert and Connect network for all undergraduate students in the university.  It provides an efficient way to quickly offer coordinated support to all students ensuring they receive the right type of assistance/intervention to keep them on track. Currently, all students have been provided access to a variety of tools empowered by Starfish. Students have the ability to use the following resources:

  • 8 student raised flags
  • 100 University-wide services (support and resources)
  • Individual and Group appointment scheduling with faculty and staff          

To get started, login through MySlice (under Student Services > Ask for Help in Orange Success) or Blackboard (under Tools) and make sure your profile information is accurate.  Verify your email address, cell number, text messaging preference and upload a new photo if you wish and click submitFor more information about Orange SUccess, visit

Free Academic Coaching

Get your first semester off to a great start with free academic coaching!

Research shows most college students use ineffective study strategies. Syracuse University's Academic Coaching helps ensure you get the most out of the time you spend working toward your immediate semester goals and retaining those learning habits for your long-term personal goals. Coaching is tailored to your courses and goals. Peer coaches trained by Syracuse University's Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) help you strengthen your study strategies. 

Academic coaching is part of a research project to help CLASS learn ow best to help students study effectively. Participating students will be randomy assigned to either 8 hours of in-person coaching or online reseources in a Blackboard organization. Email and put "Requesting Academic Coaching" in the subject line. Please provide your full name and new Syracuse University email address.

Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS)

The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) provides and facilitates academic support services for SU students, including free, small-group tutoring and workshops, academic coaching, and academic integrity education and training. Through collaboration with academic departments and campus offices, the Center coordinates programs and disseminates information about campus-wide academic resources available to students. The Center is located in 014 Bird Library. Please stop in and see us! You may also call us at 315-443-2005 or email us at

For more information, visit the Center for Learning and Student Success website.

Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit tool to help you and your advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. The system combines Syracuse University’s degree requirements along with completed coursework information into an easy-to-read worksheet to show what courses and requirements still need to be completed.

Degree Works is easy to access through MySlice. Locate the Degree Works link found in the Student Services/Advising section to view your personal audit worksheet. For more information about Degree Works, visit