New Student Move-In

Move-In Schedule

August 16 and 17 - International Students

August 18 and 19 - Pre-Orientation Students 

August 20, 21, 22 - Domestic Students

*Note: If you did not register by July 15th, you will be assigned a date and time during the move in dates based on availability.


Arrival and Parking Pass

New residential first-year students will receive an Arrival and Parking Pass which indicates their assigned move-in day and time. Students and family members should bring the pass with them and display it on their dashboard during new student move-in. Passes will be distributed to students via email after the release of housing assignments.

Because we are so close to move-in, we will not be making and changes to Arrival and Parking Passes via phone or email. Please see below in case these situations apply to you:

1) If you have not received your pass, it is likely because you were part of marching band, a transfer student, or your immunizations were not complete. Transfer students may move in Tuesday through Thursday during business hours (South Campus apartments and Sky Hall). If you have not submitted your immunizations, please arrive to campus on Thursday and check with Syracuse University Health Services. You will be able to move in on Thursday once your immunizations have been submitted.

2) Please also check your junk/spam folder in your email. Several inquiries to our office regarding the passes are the result of students not checking their email or not checking their junk/spam folders.

3) If you need a change in move-in date/time, please come on the day you wish to arrive and make plans to move in after 6pm on Tuesday/Wednesday; after 2pm on Thursday.

Arrival During Designated Day and Time

It's important for new students to arrive during their designated arrival day and time so that Syracuse University can manage traffic and move students into their rooms quickly and efficiently. If you choose to come before or after your time window during the Assisted Move-In Process (see next section), it may cause unnecessary time delays for those scheduled to move in during that time and a less enjoyable experience for all involved. The Day and Time assignments on your Arrival and Parking Pass were designated with years of move-in experience in mind. If there are any major conflicts, please email our office at

Assisted New Student Move-In Process

Want to learn more about our new student move-in process? Carrie Abbott, director of First-Year and Transfer Programs, and Otto the Orange provide all the details in the video below.


Arriving on Campus

  • Print a copy of your Arrival and Parking Pass and put on your vehicle's dasdhboard at all times throughout the week. Follow the directions provided by the public safety and parking staff members to enter the holding line for your specific residence hall.
  • When you reach the front of your holding line/unloading zone, you will be directed to unload your car and move your belongings to your room. A legal driver must remain with the vehicle at all times. 
  • After your vehicle is quickly emptied, the driver of the vehicle will be directed to park in a designated location. Students should contine to move in while the driver parks. 
  • Get settled in your residence hall and participate in all Syracuse Welcome events!

Best Practices for Move-In Day

Prepping for Your Trip

  • Unbox anything new that you have purchased and pack them in crates or suitcases. It will mean less trash and recyclables that you need to dispose of during move-in and will save some room in your vehicle.
  • Try to consolidate as much as possible. Vaccuum-sealed bags and plastic tubs work great.
  • Pack some snacks and water for the car. You may be in your car for a while, so the more comfortable you are, the better.
  • If you are considering whether or not you should rent a medium sized moving trailer or bigger, then it will be a good idea to downsize. You will only have so much room in your residence hall room and anything more than a small trailer may be excessive. Consider ordering ahead and shipping it to the residence hall instead.
  • One of the most common mistakes new students make is buying items that are violations of the Office of Student Living Policies, which may result in conduct violations and meetings with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Avoid this! Take a look at this website to see a list of all the policies for living in the Residence Halls. 
    • Some common violations include, but are not limited to: 
      • Altering Furniture/Removing Furniture - The University does not endorse the use of student-altered or elevated furniture (including things like bed risers, makeshift bunkbeds, etc.). If you choose to make these alterations on your own, you do so at your own risk.
      • No Air Conditioning or cooling devices are permitted in the residence halls. 
      • Extension cords are prohibited and will be confiscated.
  • If you need mobility or accessibility accommodations, please visit this page on our website, or call 315-443-1012.

Arriving to the Unloading Area 

  • When you arrive to your residence hall's unloading area during Assisted Move-In, we will have the Goon Squad and faculty/staff volunteers assisting you with the unloading of your car. It is a good tip to act with a sense of urgency at this point. We do not anticipate the unloading of a vehicle to last longer than 5 minutes each. This is so all students can be moved in during their move-in window. 
  • Move-In Bins will be controlled by Goon Squad members during the assisted move-in time. This is so the move-in process for all students moves smoothly.