Online EVERFI Training Modules

Modules are centered on sexual and relationship violence prevention, alcohol and other drugs and diversity, equity and inclusion. For additional information, questions or if you would like to request accommodations please contact Barnes Center at The Arch Health Promotion by email at or by calling 315.443.8000.

24-hour Online Technical Support

Please note that EVERFI provides 24-hour online technical support.

How do I access the modules?

  • Using the directions below, please access each of the EVERFI online training modules individually.
  • Once the module has been selected, please enter your SU NetID and password.
  • Under “Register” confirm your name has been populated, select an age range and select “Fall 2019 Cohort.”
  • When ready, click “I agree to the terms of service.”
  • Click “Next” to enter the online training module and “Get Started” to begin.

I have completed Part One of the EVERFI module. Do I need to complete Part Two?

To complete the requirement, only Part One of the EVERFI module needs to be completed by the deadline. Part Two will be available 45 days following the completion of Part One.

I have completed the modules but it does not show this on my MySlice checklist. Does this mean I did not complete the modules?

No, the MySlice checklist will not automatically update based on whether you have completed the module or not. The MySlice checklist will be updated periodically to reflect module completion. Students who have completed Part One of each assigned module do not need to take further action.

Request Accommodations for a Disability

To request accommodations for a disability, please email the Office of Disability Services  or call 315.443.4498.

When is the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion module due?

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion module is due Sunday, Oct. 13, at midnight.